We produce innovative, practical and portable micro-houses. Choose one of many uses: residential, farming, business – we will produce, deliver and provide, guaranteeing a high quality product.

Living Box

Imagine a world where less is more. Where the most important things are available at your fingertips. Where warmth and comfort are ensured by energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies. A world that adapts to your location. Yes! - This is how perfect I am!

Office Box

A stimulating environment for your professional sprint. Are you able to work remotely? - Come inside, make a coffee and be sure that the household or noises will not distract you from your task! However, if one day you decide to spend your working day in a skyscraper, give the box to someone else!

Sauna Box

A backyard resort. A private SPA. A reason for relatives and friends to meet. No matter how you look at it - this innovative sauna is a healthy investment in the well-being of your family! A bonus - move it out of your backyard to a summerhouse or vice versa, whenever you want!

Camping Box

With the comfort of a five-star hotel around the world! The camping Boxhouse combines your essential daily amenities with the energising adventures of outdoors. Install it in places where you want to relax and be inspired for longer or lease it to other vacationers!

Bike Box

You will put me in a place that is convenient for you and I will always faithfully wait for both of you to come back from your adventures. For the rest of the time you can be sure that everything is in its place, and it always will be. You may call me “garage” and you know - I will have a long life!

Gym Box

An ideally shaped gymnastics place will motivate you to achieve the body you want! The detailed interior furnishings will let you exercise all of the muscle groups. Here sport is free of weather, traffic and subscription restrictions!

Kitchen Box

It is always the centre of attention! Spend some time with your party guests without leaving the hearth - furnished and with modern equipment, specifically to your requirements! If you are a culinary virtuoso, gather the admirers of your talent and create masterpieces in front of their eyes! The long table is adaptable for cooking workshops too.

Cinema Box

A capsule of cinema experience for travelling through time and space. This mobile cinema, with its perfect acoustics, outstanding technologies and the most comfortable seats, will also be appreciated by your friends! Invite them inside and experience exclusive impressions! It is very likely that this place will inspire you to create your own film together...

Storage Box

Compact, spacious, safe warehouse is always close at hand! In addition, it will decorate your yard or company’s territory as a high-quality design element. Almost nine square metres for storage of seasonal, or just important things, and protection from extreme temperature fluctuations.

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