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Panorama Box

Available in sizes 9m² and 12m². Portable and modern conceptual living space. Easily transportable and suitable for installation on almost all surfaces.

    9m² Panorama Box with WC and shower

    Fiberglass body with polystyrene foam insulation (thickness of 10 cm), Aluminium doors with double pane windows, lock (950x2080), 3xAluminium double paned panoramic window (1800x2080), window in roof 1 pcs (tempered triplex) 1800x2000, vinyl tile flooring, venitlation unit with recuperation, WC unit with toilet bowl, sink, shower, Water heater Ariston Evo 50l, Wiring, sockets, switches, standart LED lighting



    2 x 9m² Panorama Box with separate kitchen and shower

    9m² Panorama Box - bed only